Passive Income: What is the secret?

Is the concept of passive income actually real? What it means and how to avoid the trap. | The Social Gem

Is passive income real? More and more it seems we are being bombarded on our social media feeds with ads from these beautiful men and woman talking about the secrets to passive income. Now, if you wondering what I am talking about – I guarantee if you have a Facebook account you’ve seen it. The […]

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How To Crop Styled Stock Photography For Versatility

How to crop Styled Stock Photography for Versatility | The Social Gem

5 ways to create a unique styled stock photography and re-use your existing photo library. When using styled stock photography to build your brand and curate your social media, it can be hard to create a unique look and feel. Whether you take your own styled stock photos or you have a subscription to a […]

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Styled Stock Photography On A Budget


5 Tips for creating your own styled stock photography! Creating a visually appealing and creative brand is always challenging, even if you have a large budget set aside for styled stock photography and graphics, but what can you do when you are first starting out and are not able to purchase the fancy stock photos that […]

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How to Boost Your Authority When Starting Your Own Business

Boosting Your Authority When First Starting Your Business | The Social Gem

So your just starting out. You have decided to break away from the 9-5 and you’re ready to begin building your own mini empire. How do you get your audience to begin purchasing your products or services? Building your authority online is not going to be easy. In fact, nothing about starting your own business […]

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Choosing The Right Fonts

Choosing the right fonts Lindsey Gillian Design Boutique

Selecting the right fonts for any design will inevitably have a profound effect on the feelings and emotions your audience experiences when interacting with your design. That is why it is important for any designer to have a basic understanding of typography (the art of arranging type) before they begin. Your font selection can be […]

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