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Nothing makes you stand out more online than a beautiful, cohesive and styled brand design that enhances your personal style and connects with your target audience. From one female entrepreneur to another - the need to stand out and the ever growing competition online is fierce, in addition to everything else you must do to run your business in a day, this can feel truly overwhelming.

Our goal is to not only build a lasting relationship with you (friend!) but to provide you with the styled and professional brand design you need, without the high price tag of a large digital agency. Customizable and curated brand design and social media management can be pricey, but we know that as small business owner, growing your business is costly and time consuming. Our service portfolio is tailored to meet your exact business needs so that you are only paying for what is needed and nothing more. Versatile web styling and brand building at a price that is completely affordable on any budget. We don't want to hold you back so we will work to meet your budget wherever possible. That is one of the perks of working with a design boutique!

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CHIC & Affordable | Designed for Female Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Creative Professionals.

The Social Gem is a boutique design agency specializing in web styling, branding and social media for female entrepreneurs. We offer services in:

Social Media strategy and management
Digital Ads
Graphic Design 
Web Design 
Product Launches
and more!
Creating unique brands that stand out across multiple platforms and help our clients build an active digital following. If you are interested in our services or maybe even something which we haven’t mentioned here please reach out ask! On the off chance we cannot help, we likely know someone who can <3 

Ready to freshen up your business?

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